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    In the Building Trades Since 1969

    Miller & Moss Construction Company was formed in January of 2005 when Ethan Miller, Jr.(65) allowed Jaron Moss(28) to take a share in his long time construction business. Together they have professionalized & perfected their residential business to include – residential homebuilding, additions, remodels, licensed residential & commercial roofing, concrete work, Insulated Concrete Form building; commercial & agricultural buildings, shops, & offices.

    OUR MISSION is to complete your next construction project with the quality, comfort, & attention you deserve at a price you can afford. Be sure to check out the many services we provide & some of our past completed projects. Once you’ve decided we are the construction company for you - give us a shout & Let us bring your project vision to life.

    We seek to be a multi-faceted construction company specializing in most areas of residential, agricultural, & commercial construction. Just a few of our areas of expertise include:

    • Development Property
    • Residential Homes, Additions, & Remodeling
    • Ag & Commercial Wood Framed Buildings
    • Concrete, Siding, Windows, Roofing, & Electrical

    Ever heard a picture is worth a thousand words? We think so too! Please, take a moment to peruse through a variety of our construction projects from the past.View More...

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